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The limitation of typography is a tool called type: “The keyboard: a tool kit”

Belgian artist Guy Rombouts created a very unique and personal set of symbols for his special works of art. “Romboutese: Language as art.”

Eleven students investigate graphic symbols and create a font expressing their personal visual language in “A letter can be anything, anything can be a letter.”
  Dutch Type is the recipient of universal acclaim. And the new Book with the same name Dutch Type”, by Jan Middendorp, is the first overview of this field in which the Netherlands excels.

Since 1998, in a post Fuse98 depression, the two recent issues of type compendium Indie Fonts (part 1 & 2) initiated a revival in typographic events in San Francisco. After “Kern Baby Kern” (1 & 2), now the up coming AIGA event “Spaced Out. Black holes in typography.”