Handmade | winter 2001/2002

Although the computer has taken over many routine and automated tasks, it seems that most of us still look at it as just a tool. The instrument of choice for making graphic design in print, animation for television and information design on websites. Even if it looks almost as if the virtual tools have taken over completely, we still use our hands. more>

Max Kisman, editor.

Views within the relative limitations of the M Square: Claudio Piccinini.

Websites in a hands-on response to the September 11th attacks: Web. Compiled by Max Bruinsma.

Think, act, make! Local individuals, projects and developments in Irian Jaya, Zimbabwe, France and South Africa.

Images and reports from the time zones in Timezone. Essentials of local importance from different people in various locations.

Showcase of contemporary typeface design: 2Rebels, Montreal, Canada. An interview with founder Denis Delude in the Republic of Type.

Reflections of a wise guy. Guru Ed Fella.

video or animation with sound