Max Kisman: In a paper bag, I save all kinds of small objects, which somehow make me think of letters or otherwise intreguing symbols. Cardboard hands for gloves holders, plastic bread bag clips. hinges, can openers, spark plugs, wooden ice cream sticks or ice cream spoons, nails, file separators, fishing weights, and so on.

Shapes, now out of context, which have lost their meaning. They are orphans of an forgotten language.

The WE LOVE YOUR font is an experimental set of characters derived from my 1986 TYP/Typografisch Papier contribution "What every Dutch boy carries in his pockets", an alphabet composed of small found objects. I used this idea in an extended form for my typography workshop “A LETTER CAN BE ANYTHING CAN BE A LETTER”, at the CCA, San Francisco, June 2003

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